Book review

A Sweet Meeting on Mimouna Night

At the end of Passover in Fez, Miriam is excited for the Mimouna celebration to begin. She is especially eager to help her mother make special paper-thin moufleta pancakes. However, with no flour at home, and at this late hour, how will they make this treat? She joins her mother on a trip to a… Continue reading A Sweet Meeting on Mimouna Night

Book review

Nurturing love and kindness

My Grandma and Me (Mina Javaherbin, Author, Lindsey Yankey, Illustrator, published 2019) In this warm and enveloping look at universal love, author Mina Javaherbin takes a nostalgic snuggle back into her childhood in Iran growing up with her grandmother or Khanom as she lovingly used to call her. Her world centers around this kind loving… Continue reading Nurturing love and kindness