What is Lantern reads?

Lantern Reads is a platform that focuses on South Asian and Muslim children’s literature. Following up from previous curating initiatives, Lantern Reads will dive deeper to provide perspective and context through reviews and discussions with diverse voices writing in the growing field of South Asian and Muslim children’s literature.

cropped-300px-lantern-yellow.jpgLanterns remain a recognizable pan South Asian icon which relates to the reality of many people’s lives. Many of these young people and the communities they belong to still do not see themselves represented in the pages of a book. Often their stories are told by voices other than their own. In an attempt to look at issues of diversity, inclusion and representation, Lantern Reads seeks to use age-old symbol of a lantern as a beacon of hope to look at both the stories that illuminate and outline those that still remain the shadows.

Sadaf pic (2)

Sadaf Siddique is principal writer and reviewer at Lantern Reads. She is the co-author of Muslims in Story: Expanding Multicultural Understanding through Children’s and Young Adult Literature. Her work in print, documentaries and online media projects in India and the US have focused on innovative ideas for social change.

Sadaf’s previous roles include creating a space for curated South Asian children’s literature at KitaabWorld, developing content around social impact investing at Omidyar Network, leading editorial strategy and project management at Link TV’s Dear American Voter, on global perspectives on the 2008 US election and managing content acquisitions as Editorial Manager on the award-winning, multilingual and multimedia online exhibit, Imagining Ourselves.