Muslims in Story

Islamophobia, a long standing, deeply entrenched global issue, disrupts civil society at many levels, from anti-Muslim policies to heightened tensions and hate crimes, including the increased bullying of Muslim children. One of the root causes of Islamophobia is ignorance, often fueled by stereotyped and negative portrayals of Muslims in media and popular culture.

Muslims in Story book cover

Muslims in Story published by ALA Editions is a timely and proactive approach to tackling this issue, by engendering friendships and empathy through quality children’s and young adult literature. Exposing children in their formative years to positive stories about Muslims can go a long way to creating a multicultural understanding by cementing ideas of tolerance, respect, and acceptance. As a follow up from Kitaabworld’s Counter Islamophobia Through Stories campaign, this resource

This book will equip public and school library staff, including educators and collection development librarians, to make real change in their communities by validating lived experiences of Muslim kids and building a stronger sense of empathy, respect, and understanding towards Muslims.

Read a sample of the book here.

“This timely and essential purchase for public and school libraries humanizes Muslims and gives Muslim children authentic mirrors while creating important windows for non-Muslim readers.”

— Starred Review from School Library Journal

” Muslims in Story serves as a pedagogical tool, providing activities and discussion guides that will inspire a proactive approach to teaching these books, therefore aiding educators in engaging students with the characters and themes more effectively.”

– Research on Diversity in Youth Literature